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Rob & Carrie Mohn

Superior Blue is Rob and Carrie Mohn's studio and on-line store, located out of the Keweenaw Peninsula of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They grew up together in northern Wisconsin and afterwards each moved many places. Reconnected after 32 years, they married in 2016, and revisited the U.P. for their honeymoon. For several months Rob and Carrie planned the logistics of moving to the Keweenaw permanently. They found one of the miners' style homes built in the late 1880's in a central spot to necessary amenities. The Lake Superior coast is 15 minutes of driving - in either direction.

Rob goes for hikes and comes back with many pictures. His aim is to document and bring appreciation to outsiders for the rugged and vulnerable region. He has a way of highlighting quiet details that are often overlooked. In his day job he works remotely in telecommunications.

Carrie studied contemporary painting and drawing at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis and earned a BFA. Later Mohn became interested in reading about classical/naturalist methods, enrolling in a few months of classical art training at Grand Central Atelier in NYC. For paid work she has been a palliative caregiver, a graphic designer, and a union journeyman painter.


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Interested in creativity & art classes? Send a Carrie a message.

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Where is the Keweenwa Peninsula? Click for photo album and info.

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