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ARTIST’S BIO - Carrie Mohn

In a class, my last year of high school, I found out how much I loved to paint. In college I started as a bio and English Ed major, quite soon that changed to art, without great consideration of the consequences. I have truly loved my life being an artist, despite its constraints. Even when I can’t get to painting, I see that I continue to learn about art.

My University, in the 1980’s, focused on post-impressionist and abstract art, but later I grew fond of 19th century realism. I worked in varied careers as a nurses aide, art supply store clerk, in printing, settling on commercial and residential painting. After my son was on his own, I took a job in New Jersey as a caretaker of a 12-bedroom home and helped to restore it. From there I could take the Amtrak and attended evening and weekend classes at Grand Central Atelier in NYC with instructors such as Colleen Barry, Anthony Baus, Sam Hung, Tony Curanaj, Sam Wesniski, and Justin Wood. Last summer I was able to attend a cast drawing class taught at Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art in Duluth, MN by Devin Cecil-Wishing, a class I had ruefully missed in NYC. These people helped me primarily to take care and pay more attention while I was painting and drawing.

It was during this time that I opened a social media account to tell others about the book I created and self-published. There, among other friends, I found my close schoolmate Rob after losing track of him for 32 years. While writing daily we decided we ought to live in the same town, so I moved from New Jersey to Tennessee to join him. We married shortly thereafter.

As children growing up in Northern Wisconsin our separate families would go on day trips to the Upper Peninsula Michigan. Rob and I returned to this area for our honeymoon. Seeing it again after decades, we longed to make the Keweenaw Peninsula our home and so we mustered our courage and did it. You will see more and more pictures in the future of this area.

Although up until now my work has been based on photographic references and memory, the opportunity has opened up to paint on site. This has been a life-long dream.

Thank you for your interest. Please reach out and say hi, and visit again soon.

Carrie E. Mohn

For people who have come to our website to learn about purchasing a print or original painting:

Original paintings can be purchased framed or unframed through this page (below) or in person at our studio. We also use the services of local gilcee printer Margaret of Copper Harbor for signed, numbered prints. Please allow six weeks for delivery, but we will keep in communication.

All of the oil paintings featured are available as unlimited art prints on paper or canvas, matted, and framed using visualization tools and printing/shipping services at Fine Art America.

My other designs can be found on our Zazzle store.